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Welcome to the Waterfront Workshop: Week 9

First thing today we set up the cameras (plate and pinhole) to take pictures of Andrew Harston (CEO, ABP) outside their head office at the Old Customs House. We put the Plate Camera on a tripod and then set to work focusing it. We took 2 photos on the plate and then 1 pinhole photo.JoelMayo_160420_1050417


JoelMayo_160420_1050420Then we went to the other side (The Marina) which ABP own. We went upstairs in the Marina reception building to get Linda (Manager) who showed us around. We then got to see the machine that picks the boats up.JoelMayo_160420_1050456We saw the bay where boats are lifted in and out of the water too. We also saw an old boat that has stuff growing out of it!JoelMayo_160420_1050468We saw the bakery which smelled amazing and saw some very old buildings of the Marina, which Stacey photographed on a pinhole camera. It was Stacey’s first time using the camera.JoelMayo_160420_1050470On the way back we took two portraits of Linda with different backgrounds, chosen by Joel.JoelMayo_160420_1050473Also on the way back Stacey took a pinhole photo of the flats over the Marina.

After dinner Tim, Stacey and Laurence went back out to meet and photograph the Crusader Scooter Club at the Steamboat Tavern near Stoke Quay. It was freezing cold so only a few of the scooter club came out and the photo was composed by Stacey. She then decided to be in the photo too!TMitchell_160420_7839Here’s the Scooter Club outside the Steamboat on a warm summer’s eve in 2007 before their name change.TMitchell_160420_7840

Blog by Joel, Tim and Stacey.

Welcome to the Waterfront Project

As part of the PhotoEast Festival 2016 residents of Genesis Housing will be crafting their own pinhole cameras to capture life and work along Ipswich’s Waterfront. In a number of workshops led by professional photographer Tim Mitchell participants will learn how to build a dark room, a pinhole camera, the basics in photography and then go out and take photos for themselves. They will be exhibited alongside Tim Mitchell’s own work and the Ipswich Maritime Trust’s archive photography between 24 May – 25 June 2016. As part of the project, participants, many of whom live with learning difficulties or mental health issues, will record their experiences in a blog housed on the PhotoEast website. This project has been supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund as well as Ipswich Maritime Trust and Genesis Housing.


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  • Andrew Harston

    It was a great day when the group visited ABP Ipswich and I hope we were suitable subjects. It was a pleasure to work with the group and they were very professional even if the cameras were unusual and fascinating. A Victorian plate camera, a proper shoebox pin hole camera and shutter speeds timed by stop watch!

    As the subject I really enjoyed meeting the group and trust that they all found the Waterfront and AP interesting subjects. It was a pleasure to work with you and great to see & read the output.

    Best wishes Andrew Harston, Director Short Sea, ABP


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