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Welcome to the Waterfront Workshop: Week 12

Today we finished selecting the photos for the exhibition next week. I figured out how to get a few extra photos in to the edit for the wall. We finished the text for the exhibition too, with a quote from me. The we went to visit Spirit Yachts on the Marina. They make entirely wooden yachts and motorboats. The craftsmen are pretty clever, working with a lot of curved wood. We tried to find a place to put the plate camera to capture the whole workshop but we forgot the tripod! so it wasn’t easy. Everyone we met there was really kind to us and we even got refreshments.


Everything for this project is finished now; we are all ready for the show except for out book blurb which we will finish next Thursday before the opening.


Andrew, Blue and me will be able to continue with the pinhole cameras and darkroom after this too, hopefully teaching others.

tim-photo-160518Joel using Adobe Lightroom

P1050517We forgot the bring the tripod! whoops!

P1050546A handmade jewellery box ready to install onto a yacht.


Spirit Yachts workshop: hand-making wooden yachts for sale and to commission.


Blog by Joel Mayo

Welcome to the Waterfront Project

As part of the PhotoEast Festival 2016 residents of Genesis Housing will be crafting their own pinhole cameras to capture life and work along Ipswich’s Waterfront. In a number of workshops led by professional photographer Tim Mitchell participants will learn how to build a dark room, a pinhole camera, the basics in photography and then go out and take photos for themselves. They will be exhibited alongside Tim Mitchell’s own work and the Ipswich Maritime Trust’s archive photography between 24 May – 25 June 2016. As part of the project, participants, many of whom live with learning difficulties or mental health issues, will record their experiences in a blog housed on the PhotoEast website. This project has been supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund as well as Ipswich Maritime Trust and Genesis Housing.


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