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Welcome to the Waterfront Workshop: Week 10

Laurence loaded up the pinhole and plate camera before we started. Five of us went round the Waterfront to meet George, the owner of Cult the bar on the other side of the docks from Stoke Quay. George gave us refreshments but wouldn’t let us take her portrait! She got two of her staff to do it for us instead. Once the plate camera was set up i went to get the staff for their portrait. We got four customers to sit in the portrait too, with the bar in the background. While we worked with the plate camera, Laurence took Isaac and Courtney to photograph somewhere else with their pinhole cameras. I spotted a big black cloud so we went back to Avalon Court but we didn’t make it back in time! We then started to make positive prints from our negatives. Tim forgot that we had to mask the positive paper border, so it came out black instead of white, whoops!P1050481

Photo by Joel.

Welcome to the Waterfront Project

As part of the PhotoEast Festival 2016 residents of Genesis Housing will be crafting their own pinhole cameras to capture life and work along Ipswich’s Waterfront. In a number of workshops led by professional photographer Tim Mitchell participants will learn how to build a dark room, a pinhole camera, the basics in photography and then go out and take photos for themselves. They will be exhibited alongside Tim Mitchell’s own work and the Ipswich Maritime Trust’s archive photography between 24 May – 25 June 2016. As part of the project, participants, many of whom live with learning difficulties or mental health issues, will record their experiences in a blog housed on the PhotoEast website. This project has been supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund as well as Ipswich Maritime Trust and Genesis Housing.

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